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Rod Tuvaev, CEO

       19 years of hands-on experience in International Business development

in Germany, Italy, Russia, ex-USSR countries, the U.S. 

 International Regulatory Affairs

Global Sanctions Compliance,

EDD Investigations and End-User control.

Not-authorized global distribution monitoring

The Intellectual Property Protection in foreign markets program 





Helping American Exporters to achieve the highest level of compliance in trade on ex-USSR markets


Russia & CIS Countries

Risk management & Due diligence

Export Control, Sanctions & Trade Compliance, Foreign regulatory compliance service



The Implementation of a robust Foreign Partner check

International Due Diligence & risk management service

End-use control in export trade

Global KYC/Onboarding check of an international entity.​

Enhanced DD

KYCC ( Know your customer customer) ,

Risk Intelligence.

    Legal services provided  by Alliance Legal Consulting Group (Moscow, RU) - the leading law firm in  several ​Practices in Russia
    Criminal legal protection of the business; Legal support of transactions and investment;  project dispute resolution; 
    Investment and Tax law;  corporate and Labor;  LawDispute resolution; Criminal law; bankruptcy support Land and property relations; Private detectives and asset search; Sanction law
  • The requirement assessments of "Yarovaya Law" and new data  storage requirements for online  data distributors - Russia data storage law:
           The regulating authority (Roskomnadzor,
    the Federal Service for Supervising
    Technology, and the Media) may use such measures as restricting access to the company’s information system from Russia
         - initial collecting and any updating of the personal data of Russian citizens should be made through a database located in Russia
        We will implement the Compliance with
    the Russian law on personal data: Federal Law No. 242-FZ “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation Regarding Clarifying the Personal Data Processing Procedure in Information and Telecommunication Networks’’ dtd 21 July 2014
  • Go-to-market legal & regulatory compliance support in Russia. Branch, daughter company, representative office opening.
    for the US companies for Import - Export compliance in trading with Russia
    The implementation Global Trade Compliance program. On-boarding customers/partners/ vendors  check with local in-house screening tools and 'manual" in-depth due diligence  
    Global Sanctions (OFAC, EU) • Audits • Investigations  
    AML/KYC • Risk Management  
  • Russia's VAT registration for the US digital products

    Russian VAT on e-services

    Since January 2017 (Federal Law # 244-FZ of 3 July 2016), non-resident providers of electronic services to Russian customers have been required to register for, and charge VAT.  This mirrors similar regimes in the European Union and other countries around the world.


    Income from services included within the definition of e-services includes: streaming video, music or gaming; e-books, hosting websites; broadcast TV or radio; online telephony and data.

    Definition of Russian e-services

    Fees from electronic services subject to Russian VAT include:

    • Online gaming

    • Online software and automated support

    • Subscriptions to news and other content sites

    • Broadcast TV and radio

    • Online telephony and data services

    • Webhosting or online databases

    • Automated, online advertising services

    • Cloud or similar online data storage and memory

    • Automated domain name-related services

    • Excluded: internet access; consulting/advice services provided via email

    From 1st January 2019, non-resident suppliers of B2B (business-to-business) electronically supplied services will need to register with the Federal Tax Service in Russia, accounting for any VAT owed.
    Foreign businesses are required to register by 15th February 2019, via the Federal Tax Service’s portal for online service providers. VAT returns and payments will now be due on a quarterly basis by the 25th day of the month following the reporting period. Russian businesses and private entrepreneurs will be able to reclaim their input VAT.  Registration is still mandatory for foreign providers of VAT exempt supplies such as software licenses.

    Most radio and telecommunication devices have encryption capabilities. Here in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) such products should have special approval from Federal Security Services (FSS or FSB). The FSS Notification should be issued in order to import such products to EAEU countries.

    FSS highlighted the List of products that must be approved through FSS Notification in case of confirmed encryption facilities (article 2.19 of the «Non-tariff regulated product list»):

    • Pocket machines for recording, playback and visualization of data with computing features;

    • Printers, copy machines, facsimile ( fax ) machines and their electronic modules;

    • Pocket computers;

    • Computing machines (including personal computers (PC) and industrial ones) and their parts;

    • Pocket PC electronic modules;

    • Subscriber communication devices;

    • Base stations (docking stations);

    • Telecommunication equipment and its parts;

    • Hardware for broadcasting and television;

    • Radio navigation receivers, remote control hardware;

    • Equipment that provides access to information and communications network “Internet” and television receivers with communication function, their parts;

    • Integrated electronic circuit chips, storage devices etc.

    The FSS Notification can be issued for 5 years or longer. The process is described in the article “The FSS Notification (Encryption approval)”.

    Communication means (RADIO & TELECOM)
    the main requirements for telecommunication products (FAC) and Radio-Frequency means (RF), procedures, approval documents and lead timing


    Certification services for Russia and the Customs Union countries (Armenia, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia) and Ukraine, Uzbekistan
    • Customs Union Certificate - EAC

    • Telecom (FAC approval)

    • Radio Approval (RFC Conclusion)

    • The FSS Notification (Encryption approval)

    • Fire safety certificate (EMERCOM) *** Updated!

    • Metrology (PAC)

    • Hygienic Certificate (State Registration Certificate)

    • Permit for use (RTN – RosTechNadzor)

    • Medical Registration Certificate

    • GOST R certificate

    • The MinPromTorg Licence

Alliance Legal Consulting Group
Criminal legal protection of the business; Legal support of transactions and investment;  project dispute resolution; 
Investment and Tax law;  corporate and Labor;  LawDispute resolution; Criminal law; bankruptcy support Land and property relations; Private detectives and asset search; Sanction law




Export Control, Sanction & Trade Compliance program 

 Foreign regulatory compliance, Global Supply Chain Manager

International Business Development 


             Over 19 years of experience in international trade (USA-Europe-Russia). Area of expertise: International trade, European trade & customs’ regulations, EU distributorship managing, sanctions compliance, international transactions due diligence, OFAC, Export end-use controls.

           Experience in export to EU (Germany, Italy), UAE, Eastern Europe (Russia, former Soviet Republics ). Implementation of company-wide trade compliance tactical and strategic policies. Establishment and management of global trade to overseas markets and risk assessment programs.

             Our team helps clients develop, design, implement and test their compliance programs to protect against regulatory risks with minimal disruption of business operations. We conduct risk assessments and gap analyses to support the practical solutions we develop with our clients. Also, we develop and deliver training for our clients where needed and in the format/language that fits their needs best

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