KYC/KYCC (Know Your Customer's Customer) check for Russia, CIS/ex-USSR

Pre-shipment entity screening and Post-Shipment Verification

Do you work in the international market and cooperate with clients from Russia?
Want to reduce the risks of participating in dubious schemes?
Have you ever entered into a contract with a sanctioned client?

Based on 20 years of experience in working with Russia and the countries of the former USSR, we will offer and implement a reliable risk management system in your company

 We will do a gap analysys of your existing methods of sanctions screening and ready to implement a Kontur.Prizma Tool for checking and scoring Russian legal entities and individuals

Kontur.Prizma capabilities:

  • Identification and monitoring of changes 

  • Checking against special lists

  • Verification against sanctions lists and the «50% rule»

  • Checking the list of Russian politically exposed persons

  • Automatic customer scoring

  • Formation of the client's questionnaire

  • Bulk customer verification

  • Storing the history of checks


Client monitoring

Inquire in time about changes in the client's registration data

Kontur.Prizma will send a notification to the mail of the responsible employee when the client's status, name, TIN, registration reason code, legal address, manager or composition of founders change.

Allows to 

  1. Manage a dynamic client profile that is a Russian legal entity

  2. Timely review the level of risk and take restrictive measures in relation to the client.

Analysis of economic activities

  • Pledge notices of movable property

  • Arbitration

  • Potential company sites

  • Trademark references

  • Participation in public procurement

  • The presence in the register of the operator of personal data

  • Bank guarantees

  • Average headcount

Participation in a self-regulatory organization
in the field of construction

Allows to 

  1. Supplement the client's profile - a Russian legal entity - with the facts of the client's real activities

  2. Reduce the risks of cooperation with unreliable clients



Verification against sanctions lists
and the «50% rule

Risks of cooperation with contractors under sanctions

Automatic customer scoring

Risk scoring of clients is performed according to the selected verification model in accordance with

the requirements of the legislation.

Depending on the number of identified risk factors, a risk level is assigned: low, high or medium.

Information in the client's questionnaire is grouped by blocks:

  • Identification factors

  • Financial position

  • Business reputation

  • Nature of activity

  • Associated organizations

  • Country risk

Formation of the client's questionnaire

It is convenient to fill out and store questionnaires with data on individuals and legal entities in Kontur.Prizma.


In the questionnaire of an individual, you can specify:

  • Client's personal data: TIN, date and place of birth, Insurance number of an individual personal account, compulsory health insurance policy number, phone number, registration and residence address;

  • Individual documents: the code of the type of identity document, the series and number of the passport, the date of its issue, information about the institution that issued the passport.


In the application form of a legal entity, you can specify:

  • Company registration data, Purpose of cooperation, Information about the sources of origin of funds, Information about the representative of the legal entity, Bank identification code, Date of termination of cooperation with the client

Bulk customer verification

  • Kontur.Prizma conducts a mass check of clients on special lists

  • The service will show the number of high-risk companies in the list. The risk level is displayed by a specific indicator: red, yellow or green.

  • Detailed scan results are archived and available for download.

  • The service also allows you to massively check passports in the list of invalid Russian passports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Allows to 

Reduce processing time for large amounts of data and carefully consider high-risk customers

The advantages of Kontur.Prizma: 

  • Unique data on Russian legal entities and individuals

  • Unique data on Russian politically exposed person

  • Full coverage of sanctions

  • Rule 50%, calculation of infection from 1%

  • Uploading sanctions in xml format

  • Anti-cash scoring for Russian legal entities

  • Convenience of the interface: informativeness, structure of reports

  • Customer profiles

  • Automatic updating of all necessary lists


Any questions? Want to dive deeper in how the service works?
Ask for the service demo access.

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