The regulatory challenge.IT companies are obliged to open local offices in Russia

The Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications ('Roskomnadzor') has published a list of foreign Internet companies that are due to open representative offices in Russia by January 1, 2022, in pursuance of the "landing" law.

Roskomnadzor has created a register of foreign companies that need to comply with the law on "landing" of IT giants in Russia, according to the agency's website.

The register includes 13 structures that own 22 information resources:

Google (Google Play services, YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Chat, Gmail);

Apple (iCloud, App Store, Apple Music);

Meta Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp);







Likeme Pte. ltd (Likee);



According to the law, foreign companies with a daily audience of more than 500 thousand users must open a branch, representative office or authorized legal entity in Russia. They also need to register a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website. The register includes 13 companies and their resources, including Google, Meta, Twitter and others.

Those who refuse to fulfill the requirements are threatened with a ban on distributing advertising about themselves, on accepting payments from Russian individuals and legal entities, and other restrictions.

In this regard, the Roskomnadzor noted the register aims to monitor organizations’ compliance with such requirements, as well as other Russian legislation. More specifically, the register contains information about any orders issued by the Roskomnadzor, data on the location of the social network, and services for users.

Working with Russia for IT companies is associated not only with American compliance and the implementation of restrictive measures but also with the implementation of the Russian requirements of the regulator, as the only opportunity to work in this market

Rod Tuvaev

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