Declaration of Conformity to TR CU and TR EAEU


The actual applicant should register declaration of conformity of certain goods to Technical Regulations of Eurasian Economic Union. He/she compiles all the documents and evidential matter for his/her goods to be fully compliant to TR EACU standards.

The reason for registering the conformity declaration, which meets the mandatory EAEU requirements, is that any undeclared goods sells are proved to be illegal under the jurisdiction of the above-mentioned economic union. The distributor is liable to a hefty fine being caught in infringement of this term. Moreover, that can cause both finance and reputational losses.

To avoid flaws and to register the declaration on a tight schedule according to regulations rely on the expertise of our staff. Our team provides full package of advisory services and support at all the stages of registering declarations for TR EAEU conformity.


Stages of conformity certification

This document is required to show conformity of units, parties and series of goods. It certifies that the goods meet EAEU standards. Our Company is engaged in declaration paperwork for years. The staff is well aware about the procedure details and is ready to work on tight schedule.

While registering the Declaration of Conformity of certain goods the Company’s experts go through the following issues:

  1. Conduct analysis of the Client’s application.

  2. Prepare recommendations upon the required set of documents.

  3. Collect and prepare documentation as per the mandatory checklist.

  4. Prepare criteria for product tests; seek for optimal laboratory to carry them out.

  5. Prepare detailed protocols and carry out analysis based on results of tests.

  6. Make declaration project.

  7. Provide advisory services at all the stages of Electronic signature processing.

  8. Register the document via NAS official services using the Client’s Electronic signature.

  9. Assist in filing and inventorying papers for due time reissuing and registering of the declarations to meet the TR EAEU requirements.

Contacting us you take advantage in:

  • Close compliance with legal procedures and requirements.

  • Assistance in collecting and preparing of the required documents.

  • Turnkey registration services.

  • Time-saving guarantee.

  • Affordable prices.

  • Assistance with related paperwork.

We guarantee our clients full privacy, individual approach to any issues, informational and legal support at all the stages.​

Certificate of Conformity to TR CU /TR EAEU

Certificate of Conformity to TR CU (or TR EAEU) is a mandatory document that a business (manufacturer, importer) trading goods or providing services on the territory under jurisdiction of EAEU has to obtain. Not all the goods require conformity certification, but only those listed in Technical Regulations. The right to register that type of documents is granted to certifying organs authorized by Federal Service for Accreditation.

Goals and objectives of TR CU certification

The TR CU (EAEU) certificate confirms that the goods fully meet the quality requirements and are safe for both consumers and environment. Depending on their category different products/items fall under different requirements and checking criteria (laboratory testing). The full list of goods that require conformity certificates is published in certain Technical regulations.

The TR CU certificate of conformity can be requested by customs authorities as well as during inspection of the regulatory body. Moreover, it should be provided upon request of business partners and final customers.

Registering the document is a mandatory procedure; otherwise a company can fall under the risk of hefty fines and criminal prosecution.

Stages of conformity certification

It is not only the goods manufacturer who can initiate the application process for the certificate of conformity to TR CU/EAEU. There can be any distributor promoting these goods on the EAEU jurisdictional territory and incorporated in one of EAEU member countries.

Given a great many of finer points in this procedure call on the assistance of our staff to guarantee getting of the certificate of conformity to TR CU/EAEU. Our team is ready to act on behalf of you. Our competent and experienced specialists mainly focused on the conformity certification issue are always at your service.

Our experts work in close compliance with all the legal procedures and requirements. In the process of registering the certificates of conformity to TR CU/EAEU they act as per follows:

  • Analysis of the Client’s certificate application.

  • Analysis of the provided set of technical documents.

  • Selection of samples to carry on laboratory testing.

  • Arrangement of testing according to TR CU/EAEU requirements.

  • Making test sheets and analysis of the results.

  • On site events if the scheme for obtaining the certificate of conformity to TR CU/EAEU implies this.

  • General analysis of all the collected data and making a decision on certification.

After receiving the certificate of conformity to TR EAEU criteria the applicant gains the right to officially mark their goods.

Validity of the certificate of conformity to TR EAEU

It takes minimal time to register the document. The term varies depending on certification scheme, carrying out of tests, their volume and complicity.

The document is valid during 1-5 years. In case it is issued for a certain production lot, its validity period continues till the lot’s sell-by date.

The list of documents required for registering certificates of conformity

The set of documents required for certification of goods or services varies depending on category of goods and preferred certification scheme. Normally the next documents for certification are a must:

  • Application form that meets the actual requirements;

  • Constituent documents of the legal entity;

  • Product technical documentation;

  • Valid import contracts, invoices, contract of an authorized person;

  • Related documents at the discretion of the registration authority.

The advantages you take seeking our advice on certification issue:

  • Expert consulting at all the stages of collaboration.

  • Assistance in collecting and preparing of the required documents.

  • Arrangement of the assigned laboratory testing.

  • Quick-time solutions for all the emerging issues.

  • Affordable prices.

  • Follow-up revision of the documents according to the requirements of a certain regulation.

  • FREE drafts of letters and contracts for import of product samples.

To get advice contact our experts in any convenient way: by telephone, by email or via application form on our website.

Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union

Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union is a set of documents giving detailed requirements on quality and safety of certain product groups. The goods that meet the TR requirements can be distributed without restriction on the territory under the EAEU jurisdiction. In case there are violations of certification procedure, and the goods/services miss the Declaration of Conformity, a distributor is liable to a penalty from a fine up to criminal prosecution.

The best option to guarantee obtaining of the TR EAEU Declaration of Conformity is to seek professional advice. Our company provides this expertize. Our staff is ready to support you at all the stages of goods certification according to the Technical Regulations requirements; we obtain necessary means and knowledge to give your problems early solutions.

Our major experts will prepare set of documents, analyze goods compliancy to the TR, take samples and select a licensed laboratory for testing. We will consider all finer points and will return with results in a highly tight schedule.

N2: Certification of goods for compliance with the Technical Regulations requirements

TR CU 004/2011 “On safety of low-voltage equipment”

TR CU 005/2011 “On safety of packaging”

TR CU 006/2011 “On safety of fireworks”

TR CU 007/2011 “On safety of the products for children and teenagers”

TR CU 008/2011 “On safety of toys”

TR CU 009/2011 “On safety of perfumes and cosmetic products ”

TR CU 010/2011 “On safety of machines and equipment”

TR CU 011/2011 “On safety of lifts”

TR CU 012/2011 “On safety of the equipment for operation in explosive environment”

TR CU 013/2011 “On requirements to motor and aviation petrol, diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and black oil”

TR CU 014/2011 “On safety of motorways”

TR CU 015/2011 “On safety of grain”

TR CU 016/2011 “On safety of devices operating on fuel gas”

TR CU 017/2011 “On safety of light industry products”

TR CU 018/2011 “On safety of wheeled vehicles”

TR CU 019/2011 “On safety of personal protective equipment”

TR CU 020/2011 “On electromagnetic compatibility of technical means”

TR CU 021/2011 “On safety of food products”

TR CU 022/2011 “On food products with regard to their marking”

TR CU 023/2011 “Technical regulations on fruit and vegetable juice products”

TR CU 024/2011 “Technical regulations on fat and oil products”

TR CU 025/2012 “On safety of furniture”

TR CU 026/2012 “On safety of small vessels”

TR CU 027/2012 “On safety of certain types of specialized food products including dietary therapeutic and preventive nutrition”

TR CU 029/2012 “Safety requirements to food additives, flavorings and processing aids”

TR CU 030/2012 “On requirements to lubricants, oils and special fluids”

TR CU 031/2012 “On safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailers”

TR CU 032/2013 “On safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure”

TR CU 033/2013 “On safety of milk and dairy products”

TR CU 034/2013 “On safety of meat and meat products”

TR CU 035/2014 “Technical regulations on tobacco products”

TR EAEU 040/2016 “On safety of fish and fish products”

TR EAEU 044/2017 “On safety of packaged potable water including natural mineral water”

Decision on application/ Exemption letter

Negative decision on application or an exemption letter is an official document proving the goods proposed for declaring or certification are not subject to this procedure. Possessing this document is important matter when selling the goods and is mandatory for freight customs clearance. Exemption letters are prepared and issued by the authorized certifying organs.


Types of exemption letters

Classifying the types of exemption letters according to their purposes we can regard them as intended for:

  • Trading companies;

  • Authorized regulatory bodies.

The first variant implies the negative decision on application that business partners and contractors may demand. Also the exemption letter can be placed on the customer information board at the actual point of sale.

However, in most cases the negative decision on application is required to deal with customs authorities. This document proves that the goods don’t have to go through declaring or certifying procedures. To avoid any possible misinterpreting at customs the letter always contains well-defined name of goods, FEACN classification codes, and reasons for rendering the decision.

Occasionally public tendering and municipal procurement can require having an exemption letter.

Negative decisions on application for certification are executed on the authorized regulatory body’s letterhead. It has no validity period. Formally, the exemption letters are valid up to the moment when the specification of certifiable goods will be altered.


How to obtain the document?

It should not take much pain to register all the required documents. Still, to make sure about the result, commit this job to experts. Our qualified staff will prepare the set of documents within a short time, and will carry out the prescribed procedure to get the official exemption letter. That is a quick, convenient and safe option.

As an alternative procedure, we also offer you to go through voluntary certification. Unlike the registered exemption letter, the certificate of Russian National Standard (GOST R) proves quality and safety of the goods, which gives them competitive advantage and bolsters the company’s authority for business partners and customers. The overall process takes minimal time with complex follow-up support of our experts. Having in possession the exemption letter or the voluntary GOST R certificate you are able to upgrade the status of your product and prove its quality for consumers.

Our company is a regional representative of Russian certification center and testing laboratory MEZHREGIONTEST in the US

We provide assistance in EAC certification and obtaining other approvals such as Pattern Approval Certificate, GOST R Certificate, conformity assessment of fire safety, certificate of state registration and others.

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